strong language, brutal images, violence

Directed by

William Kely McClung

multi-award-winning director of Blood Ties and FIN(n)

A beautiful, naive young woman navigates a constantly changing cast of characters and events in Chicago’s seedy underbelly when she is thrust into the hunt for a brutal, seemingly supernatural serial killer.

Not for the squeamish, ALTERED takes you on a mind bending journey into the nature of good and evil and how our perceptions shape the events of our lives and experience. Beautiful, disturbing, perplexing… ALTERED is a movie that constantly confounds and lets the audience participate with their own perceptions in shaping the meaning and outcome of the movie.


Robert Pralgo  (“Vampire Diaries,” ‘Taken 3,” “Furious 7”)

Amanda Dreschler  (“Lost Angels,” “Creed”)

Keith Brooks  (‘The Walking Dead,” “Uncanny X-Men”)

Kely McClung  (“Blood Ties,” “Perception,” “FIN(n)”)

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